Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: “In six years we can double farm exports”

The head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires and presidential candidate Horacio Rodriguez Larreta presented seven proposals to the Argentine Rural Society, in an event that brought together several pre-candidates from Together for Change, We Make Córdoba and Freedom Advances.

“Doing things well, with key rules of the game, we can double farm exports in six years and end the shortage of foreign currency of the country”, said Rodríguez Larreta regarding the measures that he would implement in the agricultural sector.

In that sense, I thought that “we need a government that works with the countryside.” And he added: “The plan is made together. You have to have a fluid dialogue, a stable relationship and be stable. The government sets the rules of the game and you are committed to increasing production and exports”.

After criticism for the unfolding of elections, Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich cross paths in La Rural

“I can say that we are going to change everything immediately, it is not serious. We have to speak the truth. There are no magic recipes, you have to work hard,” said the Buenos Aires president at the event that was also attended by the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, the liberal deputy javier milei and the governor of the province of cordoba John Schiaretti.

This is the first public event in which Rodríguez Larreta and Bullrich met face to face after the shock that upset the opposition’s decision to split the elections in the City of Buenos Aires, which cost him the disapproval of the dome of his space political.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in La Rural.

The measures agreed upon by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta at the event organized by the Argentine Rural Society

Among the seven measures that they had in case of reaching the presidency of the Nation, the leader of Together for Change spoke of stability: “Without macro, there is nothing. With this level of volatility there is no long term. Today it is the Achilles heel of the agricultural country and of many sectors. The first thing is to order the accounts and reach zero primary deficit the first year. But that requires a lot of work,” he said.

This government, diagnosed Rodríguez Larreta, “reaches the end of the year with 4 or 5 points of the product and micro stability, with stable rules of the game. They cannot launch an investment and change after six months”, and they require a “commitment through a law, with stability for five or ten years”.

“Withholdings is a horrible tax, which takes over your work,” Rodríguez Larreta said before representatives of the field, and said that since 2002 the state “collected more than 170 billion dollars.” On this point he said “to eliminate withholdings for more than 200 products from regional economies and a commitment to a staggered reduction that goes according to the increase in production.”

Aimed at the sector, he also referred to insecurity: “Private property is not guaranteed and you suffer. Land occupation, breaking of silobags. Security can be improved.”

Interns in the PRO: Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich and María Eugenia Vidal criticized Rodríguez Larreta again

The mayor of Buenos Aires also spoke in his speech of “debureaucratizing” and “simplifying” the structure of the State, and of “improving connectivity” by creating more infrastructure: “routes, rural roads. Convert the key provincial routes that link productive sectors into highways”.

Among his proposals, he proposed “building a political agreement to be applied in Congress, with laws that are sustained over time,” and stated that “the only way to carry out a development plan, with a guarantee of continuity, is with dialogue and consensus. Criticizing the opposition, he added: “I don’t think Kirchnerism supports anything I propose, because it drives them crazy by stepping on their heads.”

Regarding the “insertion in the world”, Rodríguez Larreta raised the need to seek new trade agreements. “It cannot be that due to ideological problems, he never met with the former president of Brazil, who is our main partner,” he said.


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