Larreta already thinks of his running mate who “reflects the unity of JxC”

The presidential candidate and head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretavisited the Cordovan city of Río Cuarto together with the national deputy rodrigo de loredoand gave a clue as to who will be his formula partner to compete in the PRO internal.

Before the radio consultation the Red Regarding who his vice-presidential candidate will be, Larreta maintained that although he has not yet decided, he announced that it will be “someone who reflects the unity of Together for Change, which is more consolidated than ever.”

Regarding whether there is the possibility of an agreement to integrate “cross formulas”, the Head of Government said that it is one of the alternatives, although he stressed that the options are still open and recalled that there is time to define that topic “until the middle of June”.

“I have not decided, but it will be someone from Together for Change, from PRO, from radicalism, from the Civic Coalition, Republican Peronism, United Republicans. I believe in unity and I defend unity”, he stated this morning in statements to radio the Red.

After the Larreta and Macri agreement: who will be the only JxC candidate in the City of Buenos Aires?

Rodríguez Larreta highlighted the contribution that all the sectors that make up the opposition coalition are making and pointed out that the internal debate in JXC is not focused on who is “tougher or not”but “in the firmness of the facts and in the proposals to provide solutions to people’s problems.”

The head of government assured: “We have a unique opportunity as a country in the world, but to take advantage of it we must work seriously and put aggression aside. In six years we can double agrifood exports. That is work throughout the country, ”he said.

Likewise, he commented that to go in search of that objective the first step is “stabilize the country, because with these levels of inflation nothing can be done; the producer does not know what dollar he is going to find, people have no idea how much money they have to go to the supermarket with, it is impossible to do something with such uncertainty”.

“What is coming is very difficult, but I am readyI have management experience in the State for many years and I am going to work with the conviction that Argentina deserves much more and that we can be much better off”, stressed the Head of Government.

Larreta vs Bullrich, the electoral scenario that is expected in JvC.

Rodríguez Larreta highlighted that “we must accept the discussion of ideas within the framework of the democratic counterpoint and begin to work in favor of the people.”

He argued that the challenge of this time is to give shape to a country project that implies “peace, work, development, putting aside the aggressions and putting all that energy so that people have better education, better health and better quality of life” .

The praise of Larreta de De Loredo

The Buenos Aires head of government praised Rodrigo De Loredo for having dropped from electoral competition by the provincial government against senator Luis Juez.

“Together with @rodrigodeloredo we were touring Río Cuarto. Thank you Rodrigo for your gesture and for prioritizing the people of Cordoba,” said the PRO reference.

Through his Twitter account, the opposition leader added: “It is a pride that young leaders emerge within Together for Change who put their bodies to change Córdoba and the entire country.”

The young legislator, who aspired to lead the formula, decided to step down and from the Radical Civic Union (UCR) aspired to be second to Judge in the Cordovan binomial. However, De Loredo remains unknown about his electoral future, which could have as its final destination to dispute the Mayor of the City of Córdoba.

The Larreta-Bullrich fight adds tension in the municipalities

For his part, Rodríguez Larreta takes advantage of De Loredo’s good image to send electoral messages in a district that will be key to resolving the internship of his space, which on the other side has the president of the PRO National Council, patricia bullrich. .

“Córdoba is one of the great generators of withholdings, whose profits are kept by the national government. I am going to change that,” said the Buenos Aires president in journalistic statements. Along these lines, he stated that he is willing to “discuss co-participation and subsidies.”

“We are going to make Argentina a federal country. We are going to comply with the Constitution. I am going to give Córdoba the necessary resources so that it is the one who decides if it is going to do that route, if it is going to clean up Lake San Roque or do the airport they need”, concluded Rodríguez Larreta.

Rodríguez Larreta met with Mario Markic

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta g_20230401
Larreta with Mario Markic.

The pre-candidate for president of Together for Change was with Mario Markic during a bullfight in San Fernando.

Yesterday, Friday afternoon, Rodríguez Larreta met with the candidate for governor of santa cruz by the “Cambia Santa Cruz” stamp. During the meeting, they discussed the challenges and productive potential of the province.

“We are going to be a competitive alternative to Kirchnerism. They have been in government for many years and education has ceased to be a priority, there is a lack of basic infrastructure and natural resources, such as fishing, are not used. Mario is clear about this, he is a committed and hard-working Santa Cruz and he is going to live up to what Santa Cruz dreams of, ”said Larreta.

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