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French startup welcome to the Jungle has raised a new Series C round of 54 million dollars (50 million euros). The startup helps other companies recruit new employees more easily by creating sophisticated profiles packed with lots of information.

In particular, Welcome to the Jungle sends a photo and video crew to their office so they can snap some high-quality photos and record some quick interviews with employees. Essentially, a profile on the platform should look like a featured article in a fancy magazine.

Clients also add job postings and more information about benefits, corporate culture, and the existing team. Job seekers can search for job openings and learn more about companies on the Welcome to the Jungle job board.

The startup has also developed its own applicant tracking system, and some companies use the platform directly for their hiring processes. And if you want to recruit more easily, companies can also optionally pay for exclusive content, enhanced job postings, more metrics, and integrations with third-party recruiting tools.

Three existing investors are putting more money on the table: Revaia, XAnge Y by bpifrance Digital Venture Fund. Five other investors join the Welcome to the Jungle capitalization table: happiness/, Cipio Partners, ADP GroupKostogri (investment company of the CEO of Betclic, Nicolas Béraud) and LIFT up sherpas.

As Welcome to the Jungle originally started with tech startups, there are still plenty of highly skilled job opportunities on the platform. If you live in France and graduated from a leading engineering or business school, chances are you’ve browsed Welcome to the Jungle at some point during your job search process.

This is changing over time as the company continues to add new customers and industries. The company says that it currently attracts 3 million unique monthly visitors. Now he works with 5,000 clients and the startup generates 30 million euros of annual recurring revenue.

That’s an impressive revenue metric and probably explains why the company has managed to raise €79 million since its inception in 2015. There are already more than 300 people working for Welcome to the Jungle.

“This is quite an achievement given the current economic climate. Now more than ever, we have what it takes to continue to revolutionize the workforce industry and start a new chapter in the Welcome to the Jungle story,” co-founder and CEO Jérémy Clédat said in a statement.

Next, Welcome to the Jungle wants to expand into the US, which will require some localization efforts as well as new hires. This is not the first international expansion of the company, since the platform is already active in Spain and the Czech Republic. Of course, the startup also has your own profile on your platform to facilitate your recruitment strategy.

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